Neos - About Us and Our Products
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Taste the Difference with Neos.

The Neos Brand

NEOS is a next generation provider of technology, services and branding to the ever-growing cannabis industry. The NEOS brand is a high-end quality electronic vaporization oil focused on achieving “best in class” standards in the industry.


The company was formed to assemble the most experienced professionals from inside and outside the industry to bring quality, transparency, and branding to an evolving industry and provide the consumer with the best medicine possible.


NEOS is focused on the future, creating revolutionary technologies to bring the safest, most effective way to consume cannabis. Our unique recipe brings elements to the oil marketplace that far exceeds expectations.

hydrocarbon extraction process

EVO – Electronic Vaporization Oil

Electronic Vaporization Oil (EVO) is a cannabis resin that has fully activated THC and suspended in a low temperature vaporization carrier.


Unlike our competitors we fully activate, meaning we convert all of the THCa to THC. THCa is not available for absorption by the human body. Normally THCa is converted to THC by combustion or high heat vaporization (300f + degrees). Our process converts the THCa to THC, while maintaining the strains terpene profile. Thus making it available to the user at a low temperature.


Our process allows the user to access all the benefits of the cannabis plant without the carcinogenic effect associated with traditional high heat applications. EVO is the safest cleanest way to take advantage of all the cannabinoids in cannabis. Insuring the user feels the “entourage effect” we use proprietary techniques.


Whole Flower Extraction – Our EVO oil is derived from top quality buds, rather than trim. When you taste our product, you will distinctly be able to taste its corresponding flower.


Strain Specific – Neos cartridges are strain specific. Our customers love being able to choose their favorite strains and enjoy sampling new strains.


MCT – Medium Chain Triglycerides have a very simple and eloquent process by which they are absorbed by our bodies and therefore are the natural choice for our vape carrier. In place of using PG (Propylene Glycol), these MCTs in our oil provides for better absorption and also allows cannabis resin to be vaped at low temp and blended to the appropriate viscosity for vaporizers.


Testing – At Neos, every product that goes out the door is laboratory tested by approved, state-regulated labs. Although not state mandated, we have implemented comprehensive residual solvent and pesticide testing practices in order to stand behind our commitment to a safer, all-natural line of products.

hydrocarbon extraction process

Hydrocarbon Extraction Process

A hydrocarbon is a compound made of nothing more than a molecule containing hydrogen and carbon atoms. Our proprietary process ensures that no hydrocarbon is ever left remaining in the finished product. Moreover, testing results are provided with all finished product for the benefit of the consumer. These test results demonstrate that our post extraction process eliminates all potential residual hydrocarbons in our finished product.


We recover the hydrocarbons after the extraction process is finished. The balance is purged off during our proprietary process, leaving it solvent free will still maintaining the pure essence of the strain profile, making our process unique. Other extraction techniques use an ethanol wash that takes out most of the terpene profile and can leave trace amounts of ethanol behind.


Some advantages of using hydrocarbons are:

  • It protects the full strain terpene and cannabinoid profiles
  • It leaves you with a cleaner end product
  • It provides you with a better tasting product
  • It does not break down to carbonic acid which can be harmful to one’s health


The hydrocarbon extraction process is used in the preparation of products such as decaffeinated coffee ands in the production of essential oils like olive, soy and canola.

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