Neos - Frequently Asked Questions
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Best Practices and Use Tips


  • Avoid leaving the Neos Pen in the car over night or in a hot climate
  • Do not leave the Neos Pen in direct sunlight
  • When possible, separate the Neos Pen from the Cartridge when storing
My Neos battery isn’t working, what can I do?

If the battery is flashing repeatedly when you try to use it or not flashing at all, it may need to be charged. Allow the battery to charge for 3-4 hours for optimal performance. (The battery light will remain on while the battery is charging and will turn off when the charge is complete.)

If the battery still isn’t functioning properly with full power, it could be defective. Return it to any Neos retailer to exchange it for a new battery for free.

How do I know when I’ve gotten a full puff?

When you draw on your cartridge, the green lights at the bottom of your Neos battery will light up for about eight seconds, then blink twice and turn off, indicating you’ve received a full puff.

My cartridge is leaking, has residue on it, or doesn’t pull; what can I do?

If the cartridge is leaking or has residue on it, return it to any Neos retailer to exchange it for a new one, free of charge.


If you don’t get a good hit from your cartridge, first make sure the battery is functioning at full power by plugging it in for 3-4 hours (see “My Neos battery isn’t working” above to rule out problems with the battery). If, after charging, the battery lights up but the cartridge still isn’t hitting, the cartridge could be defective; exchange it at any Neos retailer for a new one at no cost.

Are Neos products warrantied?

Neos is committed to providing high-quality vaping and extraction products.  In Colorado and Nevada, if your Neos battery malfunctions or does not work, please return to the dispensary purchased for their specific return policy.  All dispensary returns vary according to participating partners.


If you have purchased a Neos product at and it stops working, please contact us at for our on-line replacement procedures.  You must return the faulty unit.  The unit will be evaluated and if found faulty you will be sent a replacement unit. Out of state purchases may be subject to Federal Law.

What is the difference between Sativas, Indicas, and Hybrids?

Sativa strains like Durban Poison produce energetic highs that can be described as uplifting or euphoric. For this reason, sativas are a favorite for daytime use. Indica strains such as Bubba Kush, on the other hand, tend to be more relaxing. Indicas can contain higher amounts of the compound CBD, which helps relieve pain. Hybrids are combinations of indica and sativa strains that may have different properties based on their genetics.

About how long does a Neos cartridge last?

A variety of factors determine how long each cartridge will last, but in general, each cartridge lasts for approximately 250-300 puffs.

Where can I purchase Neos cartridges, batteries, and accessories?

Neos products are sold in more than 50 stores across Colorado! To find a retailer near you, visit our Store Locator.

Are there any residual solvents, such as butane, in Neos cartridges?

The oil in each Neos cartridge is carefully extracted and purged using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. The method we use ensures that all solvents are completely removed from our extracts, so you vaporize nothing but the finest oil in your cartridge.

Can I use a different battery with my Neos cartridge?

Although we strongly recommend using only the Neos battery with your cartridge, any 510 pen battery is compatible with Neos cartridges.

Can I use a different cartridge with my Neos battery?

Any 510 cartridge is compatible with the Neos battery; however, we strongly recommend using only Neos cartridges with your battery.

What are the benefits of vaporizing cannabis compared to other consumption methods?

Vaporizing cannabis provides many benefits over smoking or consuming it. The combustion of cannabis creates smoke, which irritates the respiratory system. Consuming cannabis allows the body to absorb only a fraction of the cannabinoids, and the effects can take hours to kick in. Vaporization, as the name implies, produces a vapor which is much less harmful to the lungs and which allows 95% of cannabinoids to be absorbed with each inhalation.

What determines the flavor of each Neos cartridge?

The flavor of Neos oil is largely determined by the strain of cannabis used, as each strain possesses a unique genetic makeup, known as its terpine profile. To obtain oils, Neos performs extractions on nugs from the cannabis plant, using advanced techniques that preserve each strain’s terpines.

Do you sell cannabis products online?

No, pre-filled Neos cartridges cannot be purchased online. To find a retailer near you who sells Neos cartridges and extracts, please visit our Store Locator.


Neos batteries and Neos-compatible empty, fillable cartridges can be purchased online via our Shop.

How can I become a distributor of Neos products?

Please contact us HERE.

Still have questions? Please reach out and we’ll get back to you ASAP. CONTACT US HERE

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