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Neos Products

Whole Flower Extraction


Natural Terpenes


Strain Specific


Zero Chemicals



The New Ceramic Cartridge

Experience for yourself our new advanced technology Ceramic Cartridge, providing a MORE POTENT vapor experience.

  • New steel mouthpiece provides maximum intake
  • Same natural, strain specific profiles that maintain the authenticity of the flower, preserving flavor and effect
  • All new glass and steel cartridges with a leak-proof design
  • Control the heat with the new ceramic heating element for more customized vaping
  • 510 threading fits Neos standard and adjustable voltage batteries


NEW — Premium Label EVO

  • Neos oil in a Premium 600 MG formula
  • Whole-flower extraction with terpenes specific to each strain
  • Our natural process produces a superior oil
  • More potent than ever before
premium package


Premium Disposable Vape Pen

  • Neos oil in a Premium 250 MG formula
  • Whole-flower extraction with terpenes specific to each strain
  • Our natural process produces a superior oil
  • Between 75% – 85% potency


Premium 280 mA Battery

  • Simple voltage adjustment range from 4.0v, 3.2v and 2.4v for controlled burn
  • Easy pre-heat option. Click battery at base to get up to 1.2v in under 28 seconds
  • Full spectrum color-coded battery power display
  • Thumb Charger:  Can be plugged into any powered USB port for maximum performance and convenience.
variable voltage battery
disposal vape pen

Disposable Vape Pen

  • Pre-loaded with EVO
  • Lasts on average 30-50 pulls
  • One Pen contains .2ml of juice
  • Upon opening, the Pen is ready for use
  • The Pen is intended for a one time use
  • The Pen is not re-usable
  • One full pull is 7 seconds
  • EVO is produced using proprietary techniques

EVO Refill Unit

Neos juice to fill the mod of your choice.

  • Eliminates the cartridge
  • Eradicates returns
  • Bigger, stronger hits
  • Allows you to modify your intake and make your own settings for the most effective pull
  • The most elite way to enjoy our premium juice
mod fill evo

Cannabis-Infused Flavored Disposable Vaporizer Pen


grape flavor cannabis oil



Purple Cotton Kush with a hint of grape, makes the flavor and the strain a delicious pairing.

strawberry evo



Mint is often associated with the kushes and floral family, which makes it perfect for a strawberry-mint pairing.

blueberry vape oil



Gives you a deep and tasteful bliss of nectars often reminiscent of flavorful indicas, making it a perfect combination of taste and settledness.

*Each flavor is complimented by a strain of flavor notes, but exact strains will vary based on availability of the flowers.

CBD-Specific Cartridges

1 to 1 cbd to thc ratio

CBD No. 1 features a 1:1 THC-CBD ratio, an even distribution of benefits creating a remarkably balanced high and full “entourage effect” as well as the signature superior taste that accompanies all Neos products.

cbd molecule

CBD, the non-psychoactive ingredient, offers additional benefits including counteracting heightened anxiety levels felt when consuming THC, reduced muscle inflammation and better sleep.

cbd flower

Neos signature whole-flower extraction method produces first cannabis-derived medicinal and recreational CBD electronic vaporization oils.

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